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New York Cosmos to host NASL semifinal at MCU Park in Brooklyn

New York Cosmos

The New York Cosmos played at MCU Park in Brooklyn during the NASL spring season, and it was a fantastic experience for the players and fans alike. That club made it clear that they'd be looking to play more matches in Brooklyn going forward, and on Thursday, they surprised everyone by announcing that they'd be playing their biggest match of the season on Coney Island as well.

While smaller than Shuart Stadium, MCU Park offers a much more forgiving playing surface, and is easier to get to for many fans in New York. That area is also one to be a rumored option for a permanent home should the club decide to move on from Belmont, which looks increasingly likely as the state continues to keep the club in the dark.

Personally, I'm pretty excited to watch another match at MCU Park, though I'm a bit surprised the club chose to host a playoff match at the smaller venue. It will be interesting to see what happens if New York winds up hosting the final, as well.