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Has ONE World Sports stepped in to fill the void created by Traffic?

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Meil Morris is reporting that ONE World Sports has stepped in to help fill the void created by the departure of Traffic. The Carolina RailHawks ownership group had poured money into the league as it looked to aggressively expanded, but as the league has cut all ties with Traffic, it looks as if the television network may have stepped in to replace them.

According to Morris, the network has entered into an agreement to air all Wednesday night matches, and to produce a weekly highlights show:

If accurate, this would be a nice boost for the NASL, who could certainly do with more television coverage as well as the income from it. I'd hope, however, that the league continues to air matches on ESPN 3, as it's an awfully convenient platform for much of the national fanbase.

I'm sure we'll hear an official announcement on this soon, one way or the other.