A Couple of Great Things About Women's World Cup

The United States has one of the best, ok - they're the best, women's soccer teams in the world. But that's not why I like women's soccer so much.

What makes it so awesome is some of the ways it is different from the men's game. Yes, the men are faster and stronger, but this is the mistake so many people make when they try to compare the two. Men and women are different, so the two games are different. These differences are to be embraced to fully appreciate the women's game. At least that is the approach I have taken, love it for the differences.

To be clear, I don't think these differences equate to accepting an inferior product. Quite the opposite really. The things that are great about the women's game are things that seem to be things often critical in the men's game.

Firstly, the women's game seems to have much less simulation - yes flopping. You see it in the women's game a little bit, but the men's games can at times look like 90 minutes of flopping. It is so irritating because it regularly ruins the run of a game. Scoring opportunities squashed, players getting undeserved fouls, yellow and red cards and even penalty kicks. This routinely ruins a game. But in the women's game you see much more continuity and longer plays of uninterrupted action and it seems to be because of the lower of flops per game. Not sure if this is controversial, just the observation of an untrained eye.

Secondly, and I don't know if this is because of anything to do with size or just an approach to the game, but the women's game seems to be less physical. Not that the game doesn't involve tackling and battling for position, because it sure does. But there appears to be more emphasis on attacking the ball than the player with the ball. It makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience as this also leads to longer periods of continuous action.

Now lastly is something that is probably a result of the first two things listed. Many fans have commented on the women's control of the ball in tight spaces. This is indeed exciting to see and leads to son great plays. But it appears possible because of the emphasis on defending the ball instead knocking over the player with ball, just one example. Another one is that the layer with the ball continues the action trying to make instead of flopping to the ground at the first opportunity. Certainly the men also have incredible control in tight spaces, but th more aggressive play and too common tendency to flop negatively the amount of times you will see this in a men's game.

As stated previously, I am just a novice to the tactical side of the game, but these are some observations where the women's game stands out in a very favorable and enjoyable way. I'm a big fan.

Any comments of observations appreciated, thanks in advance everybody.

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