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Cosmos won't host US Open Cup quarterfinal if they defeat the Red Bulls

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

If the New York Cosmos defeat the New York Red Bulls on Wednesday evening in New Jersey, they'll have to hit the road for the US Open Cup quarterfinals. This, after they have withdrawn from hosting a potential match against either the Philadelphia Union or DC United on Tuesday afternoon:

The winner of tomorrow's Gotham derby was scheduled to have a home match in the quarterfinal, and should the Cosmos lose, the Red Bulls would still have that honor. The Cosmos confirmed that the decision was due to stadium issues preventing them from hosting a match on the next cup date, however, one of the real pitfalls of not having a home of their own.

Yet again, we're seeing the downside of the club playing home matches at Hofstra, and still waiting impatiently for the state of New York to make a decision on their Belmont proposal. Hopefully, the club has already started serious work on another plan.