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NASL discontinues lawsuit against former OKC ownership

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The North American Soccer League filed a lawsuit against the former ownership group of the Oklahoma City expansion side earlier in June, but on Monday, have discontinued their legal action against Tim McLaughlin.

The league had claimed that McLaughlin hadn't withdrawn properly, when he purchased a 50% stake in the Oklahoma City Energy in February 2014. Almost immediately after investing in the USL side, the Energy were given a lease at Taft Stadium, whose leasing rights are reportedly controlled by McLaughlin. The NASL's planned expansion side was rumored to be planning to use Taft, and has been in limbo ever since the early 2014 change to their ownership structure.

There hasn't been any sort of report on what, if any damages the two sides agreed to out of court, but it's almost certain that some sort of confidential agreement was reached.