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Sepp Blatter calls for emergency congress, before stepping down

Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, FIFA called a press conference in which recently re-elected President Sepp Blatter called for an emergency congress in order to find a presidential replacement. Blatter announced that he'll be stepping down following the election, but did not want to wait until the next FIFA congress in order to hold those elections.

This news comes on the day which evidence linking one of his closest allies to the 2010 South Africa World Cup bribery scandal emerged, and when reports emerged that at least one of the 14 indicted last week was looking to make a deal.

Blatter refused to answer questions following the announcement, but the timing of the announcement leaves little question that he's beginning to worry about possible charges being filed against him. I'd be surprised if he still made his scheduled trips to either the United States or Canada this summer, instead keeping a low profile in countries where extradition to America is far less likely.

Regardless of what happens to Blatter in the future, it will be good for FIFA to be rid of him.