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Indicted NASL Chairman Aaron Davidson looking to reach plea deal

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The New York Daily News is reporting that Aaron Davidson, President of Traffic and Chairman of the NASL Board of Governors, is currently negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors.

Davidson's representation filed an application for the excludable delay, a request which was granted by U.S. Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak. The application included the following:

"The parties seek the exclusion of the foregoing period because they are engaged in plea negotiations, which they believe are likely to result in a disposition of this case without trial, and they require an exclusion of time in order to focus efforts on plea negotiations without the risk that they would not, despite their due diligence, have reasonable time for effective preparation for trial."

The NASL has already suspended all business activities with both Davidson and Traffic, and are presumably already looking at permanent measures to replace them. It will be interesting to see what sort of information the Traffic president discloses if he successfully reaches a plea agreement, and what, if any, impact that has on the league.