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Carmelo Anthony in Cuba with hopes of NASL ownership

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Cosmos didn't travel to Havana alone, instead bringing fans and journalists to Cuba with them, and sharing the same hotel. Among the fans in attendance is one that many Americans know, New York Knicks' forward Carmelo Anthony:

While the King gets ready to play in his sixth NBA Finals, Anthony is in Cuba where the Cosmos of the NASL are playing Cuban National Team Tuesday. But he’s not just there to watch. According to a source, Anthony is actively looking to get into the soccer business and has been in talks with the North American Soccer League for months and looking for an ownership role in a Puerto Rican club. James holds a minority stake in Liverpool of the English Premier League by way of his partnership with Fenway Sports Group.

There have been rumors that Anthony was interested in backing the return of the Puerto Rico Islanders for several months, and his attendance with the Cosmos on their trip to Havana would seemingly lend some weight to those reports. Like expansion into Canada, a Puerto Rican club could be tricky due to US Soccer regulations, which require that 75% of the league be based in the United States.