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New York Cosmos extend their captain, Carlos Mendes

New York Cosmos

The New York Cosmos victory over New York City Football Club wasn't the only news for Cosmos' fans to celebrate this week, as the club mad an announcement on Thursday which should make most supporters smile. The club has reached an agreement on a contract extension with captain and starting center back Carlos Mendes, though the details of that extension were not released.

Unsurprisingly, head coach Gio Savarese is thrilled that the club will be keeping Mendes around:

"Carlos is a natural leader and someone who was the first player to commit to the new era of the Cosmos. He really helped lay the foundations of what we are trying to accomplish and is also very well respected and loved by his team mates."

At some point, the club will need to replace Mendes, who at 34 is probably nearing the last few seasons of his career. For now, though, the Long Island native isn't showing any signs of slowing down.