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New York Cosmos vs NYCFC: Preview and how to watch

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This is it.

One of the biggest showdowns in the New York Cosmos's history is set to go down in the 4th Round of the US Open Cup this Wednesday when they face New York City FC in the first ever, and most probably not the last, installment of the East River Derby. Here's everything you need to know:

What's on the line: On the line are a few things. First and foremost, the Cosmos have made it clear before that the US Open Cup is very, very high on their priority list. The team has made it very clear that they are in this tournament to win it, and are not about to let their league level define their ability. Secondly, the publicity that the Cosmos could receive by beating another MLS team would be phenomenal. The defeat of the Red Bulls did wonders publicity-wise for the club, and beating NYCFC could do it on an even larger scale. But most of all, pride is on the line. Beating the team that a lot of our supporters loathe would be wonderful for all Cosmos fans.

Opponent: NYCFC are in their first season in MLS, and have struggled a bit from the start. The Blues have a record Three wins, seven losses, and five draws, which has them at the bottom of the Eastern Conference at this juncture. They have won two in a row, however.

Forecast: Perfect weather is expected.

Where: The Cosmos were fortunate enough to get the game at their home stadium in Hofstra. The game kicks off  at 7:30 PM at Shuart, where I am sure there will be a packed crowd and a great showing by the Five Points.

How to watch: If you are not fortunate enough to make it to Shuart, have no fear. ONE World Sports will also televise this one and provide a live stream, which is fortunate, considering the quality of their broadcasts.

Other information: This will be a huge match for all involved. While NYCFC have gained a little bit of form out of their otherwise dismal inaugural season, hopefully the Cosmos can continue their unbeaten streak and pull a result similar to the one we pulled last year against the other New York team, the Red Bulls.