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ESPN 2, ESPN Deportes to simulcast ONE World Sports' broadcast from Cuba

The New York Cosmos' trip to Havana is going to be big news for both the club and soccer in the United States, and as such, there will be quite a bit of media attention on the event taking place on June 2. I'm sure the club expected this to be a great chance for them to earn some national exposure, and sure enough, it is.

On Wednesday, ESPN has announced that they'll be simulcasting the ONE World Sports broadcast of the match. The game will be televised on both ESPN 2 and ESPN Deportes, as well as being streamed live on ESPN 3. That should open up the Cosmos to millions of fans who haven't seen them play, something I'm sure the front office is absolutely thrilled about.

The match kicks off at 5 pm ET next Tuesday, June 2. We'll have plenty of content about the friendly in Havana over the course of the next week.