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New York Cosmos vs Jersey Express: US Open Cup third round preview

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Cosmos face the Jersey Express in their first US Open Cup match this year. The club has made it quite clear that they are highly motivated to go all the way in this tournament. As we said in an earlier article, a good run in  the USOC could bring much-needed attention to the club and the league, especially in lieu of the news that Aaron Davidson has been indicted along with nine FIFA officials. So what's the scenario for this game?

Opponents: We  looked at the Jersey Express earlier, you can find that writeup here. In short, they're a PDL side who have looked strong so far this season.

Date/Time: The match kicks off Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 7:30 pm ET

Venue: The match won't be played at Shuart Stadium, but will instead be held at St. John's University's Belson Stadium.

Foercast: Temperatures in the mid-70s with a chance of rain and thunder storms.

What's on the line: On the line is not only advancement in the US Open Cup tournament, but also the game we've all been waiting for: NYCFC at home. This game is a must win not only because of the USOC, but also because the NYCFC game would be the game of the year for us. Honestly, beating NYCFC would be satisfying enough for me even if we end up losing later in the tournament.

Television/Streaming: As of the time of this writing, there is no television or streaming coverage expected for the match. Follow @oneworldsports for updates.