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Eric Cantona files lawsuit against the New York Cosmos

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

On Tuesday, former director of soccer Eric Cantona filed a lawsuit against the Cosmos concerning his termination in 2014 after being arrested for having a fight with paparazzi at a pub in London.

The former Manchester United striker (and kung fu master) filed a lawsuit for nearly $1 million to cover his lost wages, as well as a 4% equity in the club. He believes that the assault incident was not serious enough to be dismissed by the club. So far, the club has only said that they "have not yet reviewed the complaint" and "have no further comment at this time".

The London incident happened in 2014, after an "intrusive" photographer apparently got on the Frenchman's nerves enough for Cantona to throw a punch. Cantona was later terminated by the club for his actions. He has claimed that after his contract was terminated, the club "never delivered on their promises to pay him and provide him a share of equity in the club".