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Cosmos drawn against Jersey Express/Red Bulls II winner in US Open Cup

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday morning, the New York Cosmos learned which match will produce their first opponent in the 2015 US Open Cup. They were drawn against the winner of the second round contest between Jersey Express and New York Red Bulls II, which will be hosted by the Express on Wednesday, May 20.

The location of the Cosmos first match is still yet to be determined, and won't be finalized until after we know which of the two clubs we'll be facing. If Jersey Express prevail on the 20th, we'll be heading to Newark for our match on the 27th. If the winner is Red Bulls II, the Cosmos will host at a location yet to be determined.

Regardless of who the Cosmos face, they should be overwhelming favorites to reach the fourth round, in which they could be drawn against a MLS side for the first time in 2015. Both New York MLS clubs are participating this season.