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Would you want to travel with the New York Cosmos to Cuba?

A few weeks back it was announced that the Cosmos would be the first American soccer team to play in Cuba after the embargo was lifted. They will be playing the Cuban National Team on June 2nd in Havana, Cuba. However, they won't be traveling alone.

The team has announced a "once in a lifetime" fan opportunity: to go with the team to support them during the game, all the way to and back from Cuba. The price for this trip? How does $3,000 a seat sound?

According to the newsletter the team sent out, the all-inclusive package includes transportation in Cuba, hotel, breakfast, and seats at the historic game. It won't include travel to and from JFK, which will be up to each ticket holder to deal with on their own. Applications for tickets are due by Monday, May 18th. Applications, requirements, and additional information are all available on their website here.

For fans that can afford the trip, this should be a wonderful opportunity to see something that hasn't been done in a very long time. It's refreshing to see a club doing everything they can to make their supporters feel like a part of the team, and going so far as arranging travel to Havana to do so.