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US Open Cup first round: Full schedule and how to watch

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

First round play in the 2015 US Open Cup will take place on Wednesday, with 21 matches scheduled to be played. The winners of each of those matches will advance to the second round of the competition, which is scheduled for a week from now.

The early rounds of the competition are arranged with a minimal amount of travel in mind, though the organizers set things up so that clubs in the same competition don't meet in the first few rounds. That leads to some interesting local rivalries, and makes it easier for Cosmos fans to keep an eye on matches that might be relevant when North American Soccer League sides enter the competition in the third round of play.

Unfortunately, many of the first round matches involving New York area teams won't be streamed this evening, though the bulk of the contests being played further west will be available to watch. Here is the full slate of matches for Wednesday, May 13. I've listed the matches which will not be streamed in italics, while putting contests which will make a stream available (via the club's Twitter account, Facebook page, or website) are listed in bold.

7:00 pm ET - Virginia Beach City FC (NPSL) at AC Connecticut (PDL)

7:00 pm ET - SW Florida Adrenaline (PDL) at Miami United (NPSL)

7:00 pm ET - Fort Pitt Regiment (NPSL) at West Virginia Chaos (PDL)

7:00 pm ET - GBFC Thunder (NPSL) at Western Mass Pioneers (PDL)

7:00 pm ET - RWB Adria (USASA) at Lansing United (NPSL)

7:00 pm ET - Triangle Brigade (USASA) at Upward Stars (NPSL)

7:00 pm ET - Maryland Bays (USASA) at Reading United AC (PDL)

7:30 pm ET - Detroit City FC (NPSL) at Michigan Bucks (PDL)

7:30 pm ET - Ocala Stampede (PDL) at Chattanooga Football Club (NPSL)

7:30 pm ET - Brooklyn Italians (NPSL) at Long Island Rough Riders (PDL)

8:00 pm ET - NY Greek American SC (USASA) at Jersey Express (PDL)

8:00 pm ET - Seacoast United Phantoms (PDL) at GPS Mass. (USASA)

8:30 pm ET - Madison Fire Soccer Club (USASA) at Des Moines Menace (PDL)

8:30 pm ET  - Tulsa Athletics (NPSL) at Midland/Odessa Sockers (PDL)

9:15 pm ET  - NTX Rayados Academy (USASA) at Laredo Heat (PDL)

9:30 pm ET  - Harpo's FC (USSSA) at BYU Cougars men's soccer (PDL)

10:00 pm ET  - Kitsap Pumas S.C. (PDL) at FC Tacoma 253 (NPSL)

10:00 pm ET  - Cal FC (USASA) at Ventura County Fusion (PDL)

10:00 pm ET  - Burlingame Dragons FC (PDL) at Sonoma County Sol (NPSL)

10:00 pm ET  - Golden State Misioneros (PDL) at PSA Elite (USASA)

10:30 pm ET  - Chula Vista Futbol Club (USASA) at FC Tucson (PDL)