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Cosmos B player named NPSL Player of the Week following victory over Brooklyn Italians

New York Cosmos

Cosmos B played their first ever match a week ago, winning 3-2 over the Brooklyn Italians at MCU Park in Brooklyn. They managed to grab the victory in stoppage time, when 22-year old Julian Stahler scored the game winning goal.

That crucial play has earned Stahler some recognition with the league, and he was named the NPSL Player of the Week for his effort. It also earned the praise of head coach Alecko Eskandarian, who was impressed with the winning goal:

"Those count more. Even though it's opportunistic, that's a mindset that you have to have because when its late in the game, 92nd minute, 93rd minute it's easy to kind of like be, 'Man, I'm tired, I'll take the tie. I'm not going to go for every ball as hard as I can.' You got to smell those opportunities. Those are the goals that show even more quality and character than what might be a better quality goal in the run of play."

Congratulations to Julian on the award, and to the rest of the Cosmos B squad for opening their history in the same manner that the Cosmos' second coming began...with a dramatic, late victory.