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Which New York Cosmos uniform is your favorite?

New York Cosmos

The New York Cosmos finally wore their third shirt in a match on Sunday, the first time we've seen the collared blue offering in action. I thought it looked pretty good, but then again, I've always had a soft spot for soccer shirts that have a collar so that I can wear them on the golf course.

Since the reboot, we've now seen six different combinations in action, including both the white shirts with green shorts, and the reverse during the preseason. I'm curious which one the fanbase as a whole prefers. As a refresher, here's what each of the six combinations look like, starting with the traditional home whites:

Next up, we have the away greens:

Here's the home white shirt with the green shorts:

Now, the away shirt with the white shorts:

The blue third uniform that was used yesterday:

And finally, the training tops that we've seen a bit of before matches and during the preseason:

I've attached a poll for you to select your favorite offering of the four, and I'm extremely interested to see how the rest of the community feels. Feel free to leave a bit more detail in the comments section below.