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Cosmos player named NASL Player of the Month for April

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

With the New York Cosmos starting the season unbeaten despite playing three of their first four matches on the road, the odds were very good that one of the boys in green would be honored as the North American Soccer League Player of the Month for April. On Friday, that first player of the month was revealed, and it was Cosmos' goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer.

The keeper's stats for the month of April were outstanding, allowing just a single goal in four matches. That lone goal was also a bit unfortunate, as he was caught off his line when a punch was chipped over his head from about 40 yards out.

Maurer was obviously excited, and had the following to say about the award:

"We have a lot of great players in this league, so this is very exciting for both me and the team.It’s a great honor, but I’m staying focused because we still have a long year ahead of us."

Congratulations, Jimmy, and keep up the good work.