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New York Cosmos B add new experience to the lineup

Victor Fraile/Getty Images

The NY Cosmos’s budding reserve team, the creatively named New York Cosmos B, has added four new talents to the roster.

The club announced Wednesday the acquisition of four players. Andersson and Herlein, both 22, come to the US from the Swedish and Indian leagues respectively. Evuy, 30, hails from the recent hosts of the Africa Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea, where he represented his country on the national team. Marques, also 30, has some experience in La Liga for none other than Atletico Madrid while on loan, as well as Espanyol, and Greek side Iraklis Thessaloniki FC.

The four new signings bring the total roster of Cosmos B to 20, and  will join players like Haji Wright and Hunter Gorskie in their first-ever game on May 2nd. The experience that these players will bring to such a young squad will be a huge benefit, and will give Cosmos B head coach Alecko Eskandarian more options when they start their first season in the NPSL.

These players, along with the inclusion of a B-side, will really help young players develop so that they’re ready to join the first team. The creation of Cosmos B will also help us not waste budding talent on the bench because they don’t have the experience to be included in the first side. It adds a whole new aspect to the Cosmos, and just keeps on building on our reputation, the path to becoming an even bigger name on the national level.