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New York Cosmos announce new fan service

On Tuesday, the Cosmos announced a new fan service called Club Cosmos.

The new service, as said on their website Tuesday will be a points-based system that you can get for free, for $25, or along with a season ticket. You get "points" along with your subscription, for every game you attend, and a small bonus for every home win. You can redeem your points for rewards such as a signed Pelé jersey, or, if you have one of the paid subscriptions, in a bidding section where you can bid on certain items.

The free subscription comes with 100 points, but no ability to use the bidding section. The $25 subscription comes with 500 points, and the season ticket holders are gifted 1,000 points, and their points will not be wiped at the end of the season. Both paid subscriptions come with the use of the bidding section.

As a member, you will get a "personalized" Club Cosmos card that you would swipe at a kiosk at Shuart Stadium to gain points for attendance. According to the webpage, the club will be coming out with more details in the near future concerning the fine details of the service.