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Could Cosmos midfielder Danny Szetela be even better in 2015?

One from the archives...
One from the archives...
Ron Scheffler-USA TODAY Sports

In the pasty two years, Danny Szetela has gone from being a forgotten man to a player that should probably be getting mentioned with the USMNT more often. The New Jersey native has made remarkable progress in his return from serious knee problems, and when speaking to Matthew Levine, indicated that the best might be yet to come:

"At the time when I got here, I didn’t expect to play that much. Fortunately I got the opportunity to play the first season and consistently start. It’s important to be able to play to keep confidence."

"I think I’m getting back to where I’ve been. Three years out is a long time, but I’ve had two seasons to play. This could be the year where I feel I get to 100 percent."

Szetela has been one of the club's best players in each of the past two seasons, providing fantastic all-around play in the midfield which has been one of the biggest reasons for the Cosmos' success during that period. It's probably not a coincidence that when Szetela broke into the starting XI, the Cosmos began the run of good form that saw them eventually win the 2013 title. When Danny was absent in 2014, the club tended to struggle, so his health in 2015 should be just as important as it was to the club last season.

The Cosmos have added quality to their midfield this season with the signing of Adam Moffatt, meaning we'll likely see a more traditional midfield three fairly often, allowing both Marcos Senna and Szetela to truly thrive. If Danny is correct and the best is yet to come, it's hard not to get too excited about the possibilities.