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Detroit City FC targeting a move to the NASL or USL

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

North American Soccer League commissioner Bill Peterson has been vocal about the league's aggressive plans for expansion, and on Sunday, we heard from another club that could be targeting a spot in the NASL. That club is Detroit City FC, who currently play in the NPSL, but co-owner Sean Mann would like to see the club move up a division or twofollowing this season:

"It's a matter of putting together an ownership group that has a certain net worth and a facility. It all comes down to money. We've developed a fan base that appeals to higher leagues. It makes it an appealing market. We proved we can get people to come downtown and pay to watch soccer."

Despite playing their home games at a local high school, Detroit typically draws pretty well. They're certainly an interesting club to keep an eye on going forward, and if they can come up with a stadium plan and some solid investors, it's easy to see them being a success story regardless of where they eventually end up.