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NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson held talks with the Chicago Sting Supporters Trust

Scott Olson/Getty Images

On Monday, North American Soccer League commissioner Bill Peterson created a bit of a buzz on Ultras Alive when he spoke about the potential for the NASL to expand into Chicago. The commissioner mentioned the possibility of a club in Chicago begun with a supporter-owned initiative, which seemed likely to be the Chicago Sting Supporters Trust.

On Wednesday, Peterson confirmed to the Chicago Sun-Times that it was, in fact, the CSST that he was referring to on the podcast, and had the following to add:

"I think it’s a positive development, if you will, that people are supportive about coming to the city and are organizing themselves to voice their support for a team to come to that city. We’ll see where that goes.That’s a lot different than having an ownership group come into the league that goes through the admission process and everything, and now they own a team."

Chicago would seem to be a great market for the league to look into, as the Fire haven't exactly been a smash hit in recent times, either on the field or in terms of ticket sales. I don't believe that a supporter-owned setup will actually be feasible in the current United States soccer landscape, but I'd certainly be interested that market.

Closer to home, Peterson also mentioned during the podcast that there's been a group in Hartford in contact about potentially creating a NASL side, though he was very clear that it's still in the very early days.