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What do the New York Cosmos still need to add?

The NASL season is quickly approaching, and the New York Cosmos roster is really beginning to take shape. As of this writing, the club has 21 players who will begin the spring season wearing green and white. The full roster is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Jimmy Maurer, Kyle Zobeck

Defense: Hunter Freeman, Hunter Gorskie, Carlos Mendes, Samuel Caceres, Ayoze, Roversio

Midfield: Andres Flores, Marcos Senna, Danny Szetela, Adam Moffat, Walter Restrepo, Jimmy Mulligan, Leo Fernandes, Hagop Chirishian

Forwards: Raul, Sebastian Guenzatti, Mads Stokkelien, David Diosa, Lucky Mkosana

*The six players in italics fill an international slot, of which NASL clubs have seven. The Cosmos still have one available for a future signing.

If we assume that everyone is healthy (which at the moment, isn't the case), then the Cosmos seemingly have enough players at every position to play the season's first few matches. That said, the club is awfully thin in both the defensive corps and in goal, and could probably still use a defensively oriented midfielder and another forward as well.

Gio Savarese confirmed on Tuesday that the club is still looking for players, and that they're targeting another attacking player with the final international slot. While I don't disagree with the idea of using that valuable spot for a goalscorer, I'm personally far more concerned about the lack of defensive depth than I am about our options up front. I'm curious what others think though, so I've attached a poll asking you what you'd prioritize if placed in charge of the club. Have at it, and feel free to explain your response in the comments section below: