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You can still watch last night's Cosmos game in full

The Cosmos won their second game of the preseason Wednesday in California, but being on the West Coast and during the middle of the week, many Cosmos fans due in to work on Thursday morning probably missed the game due to the late start*. That's ok, because the clubs have made the match available for you to watch on replay, via Youtube.

*I'm sure many of you have seen spoilers already, and already know more or less what happened last night, but I won't go into details about the match here.

You can see early on that this wasn't the best of surfaces, and the football lines make the match a little difficult to follow at times, but it's still nice to see the team in action. Up next for the boys in green and white will be a match against the Sacramento Republic FC, which is another 10 pm EST start. That one falls on a Saturday though (on February 28), so many fans will have the opportunity to see that one live.