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Indy Eleven stadium proposal passed by Ways and Means committee

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There's big news in Indy on Monday, as the $82 million Indy Eleven stadium proposal was approved by the House Ways and Means committee by an overwhelming majority:

The Eleven had asked for some taxpayer assistance in building the club's new home, and a strong debut season seems to have convinced the powers that be that their long-term strategy was viable.

Meanwhile, the Cosmos, whose stadium proposal is 100% privately funded, have been waiting over two full years on a response to their submitted plans. The Belmont option seems like a viable plan from what I can tell, but it's now been tied up for so long that I'm wondering if we'll ever have a decision on the matter.

Regardless, congratulations to the Eleven and its fans. It's on to the house floor with the proposal now.