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New York Cosmos extend four, allow Haji Wright, Samuel Caceres to leave

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday was a big day for the New York Cosmos, who announced quite a few roster moves. First, and most importantly, the club confirmed that they have reached extensions with David Diosa, Adam Moffat, Ruben Bover, and Sebastian Guenzatti, though the terms of those deals were not disclosed. The club also confirmed that they'd not be renewing the contracts of five players from the 2015 squad at this time, making all of John Neeskens, Haji Wright, Samuel Caceres, Kharlton Belmar, and Keasel Broome free to find employment elsewhere.

Of the players re-signed today, none are particularly surprising. Moffat was a big contributor in the Cosmos' midfield this season, and with the retirement of Marcos Senna, his presence will be a big boost for head coach Gio Savarese. Bover developed nicely last season, starting with Cosmos B, before becoming a useful member of the first team squad at the remainder of the season. Sebastian Guenzatti has been a contributor since the reboot, and David Diosa has been an effective squad player for just as long.

As for the departures, Wright and Caceres are certainly the biggest names in the group. For Wright, this move was widely expected, as he's now 18 years old, and likely to complete the move to Europe that he's been working towards for several years. Caceres was a semi-useful reserve defender this season, but the international roster slot he occupies is probably far too valuable for someone in that role. The other three will probably best be served looking for clubs where they'll see regular minutes.

There are several other questions surrounding the current Cosmos roster, most notably involving starting wide midfielders Leo Fernandes and Walter Restrepo. It will be interesting to watch how those situations resolve in the coming weeks, and to see what depth the boys in green and white target to replace the departing group.