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Ottawa Fury star leaves for USL side Bethlehem Steel FC

Paul Giamou-USA TODAY Sports

We knew Ryan Richter was leaving Ottawa Fury FC, with most assuming he was heading for either a North American Soccer League side with a little more money to spend, or trying his hand in Major League Soccer for a second time. Instead, it looks as if Richter will continue to move down the ladder of US Soccer, signing on with Bethlehem Steel FC of USL.

This move perplexes me, as while it's very likely that quite a few USL sides can afford to pay more than Ottawa, I'm not sure why Richter would have any interest in another step backwards at this point in his career. Sure, Bethlehem is relatively close to his hometown, but at the same time, the defender was excellent in the NASL last season, and could have almost certainly found a better paying job at a higher level.

Regardless, this is yet another signing which should hurt Ottawa's chances of making it two seasons a row in the playoffs. Oh well...