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Cosmos academy granted USSF approval, according to reports

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Cosmos have spent the better part of the past two years working on their academy project, in the hope that eventually, they'd become one of the primary examples of how to develop young soccer players in the United States. Reports on Monday suggest that the club has taken another step in the right direction, having their academy receive approval from the US Soccer Federation.

For the Cosmos, this was probably inevitable, as they've clearly been moving in this direction for quite some time. The approval was likely no more than a formality at this point anyway, but hearing that it's happened is certainly great news for the club and its fans.

Interestingly, the Metro report also states that the club would eventually like to start an academy for girls, in addition to the one for young males. That's obviously great and very welcome news, even if it's a bit surprising, given that the club doesn't a a professional women's affiliate. You have to wonder if that's in the long term thinking, however, if the club is really trying to do this, as the report today suggests.

Regardless of what's planned in the future, however, today's report is a great reason to get excited just ahead of the new year. I'm truly excited to see what develops after the calendar turns.