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Goalkeeper Kyle Zobeck re-signs with the New York Cosmos

Best I could do...
Best I could do...
New York Cosmos

The New York Cosmos announced on Friday that they've reached an agreement to bring back reserve goalkeeper Kyle Zobeck.The re-signing takes care of a big potential hole that the club were looking at filling, and gives them some stability at a position in which they definitely weren't in need of an upgrade.

Following the club's announcement, Zobeck tweeted out the following, letting us know he's ready to get going again.

Zobeck did a fine job in the one match that he was needed this season, filling in for Jimmy Maurer adequately. He also played in four matches during the 2014 campaign, three of them starts. There's little reason to believe he'll see any more action for the boys in green and white in 2016, but it's good to know he's available if injury or illness cause that to change.

Welcome back, Kyle.