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NASL Best XI midfielder Lance Laing to leave FC Edmonton

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Cosmos learned that they'll probably be starting the 2016 season without one of their best players on Tuesday, but that news pales in comparison to the latest report coming out of Edmonton. Lance Laing confirmed that he'll be leaving FC Edmonton in an interview with The 11, citing competitive offers from MLS, the NASl, and USL.

"Looking into offers; I have quite a few, from MLS, NASL to USL. Signing one of these deals is imminent."

-Lance Laing

With any luck, the New York Cosmos have one of the more competitive offers on the table, as Laing would be an absolutely superb addition to the club. His goal scoring prowess from midfield certainly helps fill the void created by the departure of Raul, and would allow the boys in green and white to turn their focus toward other areas of need in short order.

Whether or not New York has interest, though, Laing's departure will be a huge blow to FC Edmonton. There's little reason to think the club won't finish glued to the bottom of the table unless they make a big move to replace the Jamaican, and given the budgetary constraints that the Canadian side has been working with in the past, there's nothing to suggest that they will.