New Cosmos Pre-Game Show on One World Sports

Reports are that Tina Cervasio is joining One World Sports to host a new weekly pre-game show for Cosmos’ games. She will also be the sideline reporter during game day and a co-host of the network’s weekly NASL highlight show with Ed Cohen. Cervasio is a well-regarded sports broadcaster that is probably best known for her tenures with the Boston Red Sox and the New York Knicks.

The pre-game show debuted today before the Cosmos-Strikers Championship semi-final game. The show, also co-hosted by Cervasio and Cohen, was a nice addition to the game day experience for viewers of One World Sports. The normal game day coverage was enhanced by some detailed profiles of the players and the various roads taken by the teams to get to the semi-finals game - including a historical look back at past encounters between these two squads in the original NASL. There was also some informative commentary on the venue and surrounding Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn.

To be sure, these are common aspects of pre-game shows American viewers are accustomed to, but for the Cosmos fans it was an enhancement of the broadcast show that was in the past limited to the opening commentaries of the game announcers. Thankfully, the benefits of this upgrade weren’t limited to pre-game insights and analysis. Cervasio also demonstrated her expertise from the sidelines and it paid off as she was able to give some timely updates during the game.

Although it was a notable improvement to the viewing experience, the more important aspect of the new pre-game show may be the message it is sending to Cosmos fans. Without directly revealing any viewership numbers, the inescapable conclusion is that the broadcasting of Cosmos games is profitable for the network. This is reinforced by the evolution of the Cosmos and One World Sports relationship. The network has gone from only showing home games to investing in away games, then expanding to a game of the week for the NASL, and now increasing the broadcast budget to include two new shows – the weekly NASL highlight show and the pre-game show. In the face of disappointing attendance and the roadblocks with the stadium proposal, this is a significant sign of hope for the progress of the Cosmos venture. And this is music to the ears of fans.

All in all, it is difficult to find fault in One World Sports and its broadcasting of Cosmos games. The growth in the relationship has been methodical and deliberate and as the footprint of the network expands so will the ability of the Cosmos to reach all of its fans across the country.

Appreciate any thoughts or comments on the new Cosmos pre-game show on One World Sports. Thank you.

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