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San Antonio Scorpions lower the bar again, fire coach in public at the airport

New York Cosmos

The San Antonio Scorpions made the decision to let head coach Alen Marcina go following a difficult campaign, something that many might not agree with, but probably understood. The way they went about letting Marcina go was embarrassing though, doing so in a crowded airport when the team returned home from Minnesota.

With Marcina’s contract expired on Sunday, all that would have been needed was to have a private discussion and inform Marcina that his contract would not be renewed. However, that is not the route that Howard Cornfield chose to dismiss Marcina, taking the opportunity to inform Marcina of his decision at San Antonio International Airport baggage claim, not only in front of all of his players, but in front of the general public.

Several other outlets have since confirmed this report.

Frankly, it's ridiculous that Cornfield thought it was remotely acceptable to notify his coach and players in this manner, and I'd imagine it will make it a bit more difficult to bring in a quality replacement, as nobody in their right mind will want to work for an organization which treats its employees in this manner. They'll still obviously find a coach, as a professional gig will always have suitors, but this process may drag out much longer than it should as a result. Then again, the club barely signed a full squad in time for the season, so I suppose this would be nothing new.

The Scorpions do have several talented young players that many other clubs will covet, and the repeated missteps from the front office really make me wonder if the club will be able to keep players like Billy Forbes, or if that's someone that the Cosmos should target this winter. It's going to be an interesting winter in San Antonio.