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Two New York Cosmos goals nominated for Goal of the Year

The North American Soccer League regular season is over, and the only goals left to be scored will decide the NASL title. That said, it's time to look back on the best goals of the NASL season, and vote on the best goal we all saw.

The league has opened the voting for NASL Goal of the Year on their website, and among the nominees are a pair of Cosmos goals. Hunter Freeman was up first with a beautiful effort from range, immediately followed by Raul, with a goal whose true beauty came in his footwork before the shot was taken, which left defenders on the ground, and the goalkeeper absolutely helpless.

In all, I really think this season's offerings are better than those from 2014, and there are a few that are probably more deserving (in my eyes) than either of the Cosmos nominees. Both Cosmos goals are certainly legitimate contenders, however, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Raul winds up being recognized by the league agains for that wonderful effort.