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NASL currently working on 2017 San Francisco exansion

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The North American Soccer League needs a presence on the West Coast as soon as possible, and according to Evan Ream, who is certainly in touch with the Bay Area soccer scene, Ricardo Stanford-Geromel is currently working on an expansion club in San Francisco. Stanford-Geromel recently organized the Fort Lauderdale Strikers' ownership group, which includes Ronaldo.

There's little reason not to trust Ream's reporting here, especially as we've been hearing rumors that the league is targeting the Bay Area for quite a while. Even with both San Jose and Sacramento in close proximity, there's little reason to believe that San Fran wouldn't make an exceptional market, especially if they've been taking notes from other, recent expansion sides.

San Francisco is certainly not the only West Coast market that the NASL is currently looking at, and hopefully we'll have confirmation of several West Coast clubs very soon. That news just can't come soon enough...