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New York Cosmos B will have a Boston rival in 2016


Boston has been a market often linked to the North American Soccer League over the past several years, and for the New York Cosmos, seeing expansion into a Northeastern city with which a rivalry would be natural would be an ideal scenario. We're still waiting to see if the NASL will eventually force their way into the Boston market, but in 2016, the club's NPSL side will have a new rival 200 miles up the coast.

On Saturday, the NPSL announced the creation of Boston City FC, who will play in the Northeast Region's North Atlantic Conference. For those paying attention, that means they'll be in the same conference as New York Cosmos B, and will play the boys in green and white during the regular season, as a result.

Like many recent expansion sides in the lower divisions of US Soccer, Boston City will have some star power in the front office from the start. In this case, the club has named Jorge Siva, better known as Palhinha, as their first President. Palhinha is a former Brazil international, who scored five times in his 16 appearances for his country.

It will be interesting to see how Boston City does, especially in building support. Boston has the potential to be one of the best professional markets in the US, but have struggled in MLS to some extent, likely because the Revolution play in a poor soccer stadium that's almost as fun to get to as Hofstra. We'll be watching closely, however, and hoping to see Boston put a competitive product on the pitch from day one.