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Atlanta Silverbacks President confirms new ownership talks

New York Cosmos

The Atlanta Silverbacks' future is a bit murky at the moment, with many in the dark on whether or not the club will continue to play in 2016. The NASL currently own the club, as they once did with Minnesota United, and with MLS coming to town in 2017, there were real questions about what the future of the Silverbacks holds.

On Thursday, Silverbacks President and General manager Andy Smith Tweeted an update, which looks like good news for those hoping to see the Silverbacks keep playing:

It's not clear what any of these new ownership groups would like to do with the club, but I'd imagine the league's preference would be to keep the Silverbacks in Atlanta. It sounds like we'll have more news throughout the winter, however, and hopefully the league does as well this time as they did with the Loons.