Cosmos Stadium - Take the Long View

Cosmos fans need to be patient and take the long view when thinking about the stadium situation – or more precisely, lack thereof. Yes, it is apparent that Shuart is quickly becoming an albatross around the Cosmos’ metaphoric neck. No one is disputing it. Between the supporters and management, they have a list of grievances as long as your arm. It is very frustrating all around.

Nonetheless, remaining patient is a must. The worst thing that could happen is for the club to give in to frustration. Acting out of frustration could lead to a location or scenario that doesn’t work long term. As bad as Hofstra is, the Cosmos can move on from it on short notice. A bad stadium, on the other hand, is a nightmare they won’t be able to escape.

This is obvious of course. But too frequently we are hearing voices clamoring for the abandonment of Elmont because an answer on the stadium proposal has taken too long. The problem is these voices clamor about without offering an alternative. There is no benefit to making this move. Whereas the reason not to abandon Elmont is simple, this is New York City – stadiums don’t just get built because it sounds like a good idea. The same can be said about all the areas bordering the city including Long Island, Westchester, and even the parts of northern New Jersey across the Hudson River. Building here is almost impossible.

Again, this isn’t to say don’t look in every corner, just be aware abandoning Elmont until it is completely off the table will serve no purpose. None.

Leaving the table without a resolution confers no benefit to the departing party. A simple truth is that often in protracted negotiations the first party to blink loses. Opposing interests commonly cause delays to test the fortitude and wherewithal of other parties involved. The idea is to frustrate the other side until they decide to change course. Does this sound like some silly conspiracy theory? It does, but the truth is no one accidently ignores a $400 million deal for three years.

Either New York State has the most incompetent bureaucrats in the history of stadium construction, or there is something happening behind the scenes that is delaying an answer on the proposal. Either way, the Cosmos lose if they pull out merely because they got tired of waiting. Is this an over simplification? No, actually it is not. Unless you have a better option, walking away from the table only serves to assist your competitors.

It is that simple; don’t move on without a resolution or a better option. Play the long game.

If the supporters have faith in Cosmos COO Erik Stover, they should accept his repeated statements that he is looking at alternative sites. He put together the games in Coney Island and claims to be scouring the metro area daily looking for the right place. Given his track record, there is no reason to believe otherwise. The team is suffering from this situation as much as the fans.

Cosmos supporters, like their management, need to take the long view, their adversaries already are.

What do you think of the stadium situation? Do you think the Cosmos should continue to wait for the Elmont decision? What do you think of efforts to find alternative sites for the stadium? Appreciate any comments or responses. Thanks!

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