Stover – Cosmos Chose NASL - Get it Straight!

In a recent article on Fox News Latino (found here - Erik Stover, Cosmos Chief Operating Officer, and Giovanni Savarese, Cosmos head coach, revisited an old topic which has not died in the battle between New York area soccer fans – who scorned who? Fans of local MLS franchises tend to push the narrative that the league picked the Manchester City FC affiliated NYC FC over the Cosmos – whereas NASL supporters contend the Cosmos turned its back on MLS. So who is right?

Turns out the Cosmos scorned the MLS – if you are to believe the Cosmos’ COO. In no uncertain terms, Mr. Stover explained "there's been some chatter that the Manchester City group was chosen over us for MLS. That is simply not true. We announced our decision to join the NASL more than a year before the Manchester City group was announced in MLS."

He went on to explain the team’s decision was based on several things, including NASL’s club first model which allows clubs to act individually for their own benefit – unlike MLS, which encumbers individuality. In addition, he said the club preferred the way NASL more closely the global rules of the game in player movement, youth structure, and commercial regulations.

Finally, Mr. Stover concluded "We have the freedom to do what we feel is best for our club."

Well, there you have it, case closed. Going forward, there won’t possibly be any reason for the two fan bases to disagree on anything!

What do you think of Erik Stover’s comments? Do you accept his recollection of history? What do you think of his reasoning for choosing NASL? Appreciate any comments or responses. Thanks!

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