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Andres Flores chooses to remain with the Cosmos for the NASL title match

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Andres Flores hasn't been a regular starter of late for the New York Cosmos, but he's still been a valuable bench part which Gio Savarese can call on when chasing the match. With the North American Soccer League opting to play their title game during an international break, it was always a worry that the El Salvador captain would wind up missing the match if the Cosmos qualified.

Fortunately, reports out of El Salvador have confirmed that Flores will remain in New York, to help the Cosmos attampt to lift the NASL title for the seventh time in their history. The reports suggest that there was an agreement in place between club, player, and country in case this scenario arose, and now that it has, the player will miss his country's matches against Mexico and Canada on Friday and Tuesday, respectively.

In addition, the Cosmos will be facing a somewhat weakened side, as Julian de Guzman won't be available for Ottawa, instead meeting up with the Canadian team.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of hosting matches during the international break, especially one in which World Cup Qualifiers are being held. Thankfully it's not going to hurt the club's chances of winning a title this season, but hopefully that practice will be abandoned going forward.