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Who would you like to see the New York Cosmos face in the NASL semifinals?

New York Cosmos

The New York Cosmos defeated the Tampa Bay Rowdies by a 2-0 score on Saturday, a result which ensured that they'll be playing at home for the remainder of the 2015 NASL season. Who they'll play next weekend is still to be determined, however, with a pair of teams still in the hunt for the final playoff spot.

The Rowdies entered the weekend in fourth place in the combined table, and a win against the Cosmos would have eliminated the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, who currently sit fifth. The loss, however, leaves the door open for the Strikers to leapfrog the Rowdies in the final weekend of matches, with a win or a draw over Jacksonville Armada FC ensuring that the Rowdies season is over.

The Strikers have been the far better offensive side, scoring 48 goals (so far) to the Rowdies 33. They've also been leakier at the back, allowing the opposition to score 40 times this season (again, so far) while Tampa has allowed just 37.

I'm curious at this point who Cosmos fans would prefer to see, while both are still options. With that in mind, I've attached a poll asking who you'd rather face at MCU Park in Brooklyn next week, if you could choose between the pair. Please vote in the attached poll, and feel free to discuss your selection in the comments section below.