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Union, political leaders rally to support the Cosmos stadium bid

New York Cosmos

On Thursday, local Union leaders and government officials rallied in Elmont, showing support for the New York Cosmos stadium bid. The rally drew about 200 politicians, civic leaders, and union officials, all pushing the ESD to support the 25,000 seat soccer stadium, hotel, and retail park that the NASL club want to build.

As always, State Senator Jack Martins was front and center, urging the state to give the stadium plan approval:

"Continued inaction on Belmont redevelopment after nearly three years defies logic and sends a terrible message. It's long past time to stop delaying, make a decision, and start building."

"I’ve represented this Elmont community over five years. And if there is one thing we need, it’s opportunities. It's the same thing everywhere, but here, it's special. The opportunity to put a $400 million investment into the ground here at Elmont, build the stadium, build the retail, but create jobs and great opportunities, it’s a homerun."

-Jack Martins

The rally comes just after Gregory Meeks announced that the ESD could reopen the bidding, nearly three years after the Cosmos submitted their proposal, causing many Cosmos fans to start thinking more seriously about other options for a long-term home. While it's certainly encouraging to see so much support for the club's proposal, I do have my doubts as to whether or not it will be enough to make the ESD reconsider.

Regardless, it's nice to see public support for the stadium bid, with an emphasis on the fact that the proposal isn't asking for any tax dollars. I still think we'll end up somewhere else when all is said and done, but showings of support from the local community are still welcomed.