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Hartford City FC to the NASL appears to be dead

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

For quite a while, it looked like the city of Hartford was destined to be the second city in the northeastern United States to have a North American Soccer League club. FOX CT sporting director Rich Coppola was the first to report that the league was definitely coming to Hartford, and the potential club even trademarked a logo, under the name of Hartford City FC.

Unfortunately for fans in Hartford excited by the news, things seem to have collapsed over the course of the past week, with criminal issues involving the proposed development of Dillon Stadium at the core. Many were holding out hope that the club's ownership group would work to find another solution in terms of a stadium, but of Saturday morning, the club put all Hartford City FC merchandise on closeout, a bad sign for fans hoping they'd be able to work through the Dillon Stadium fiasco.

Hartford City is still scheduled to play a full slate of indoor games this winter at the XL center, but even that participation is in doubt at the moment. The fact that the club now appears to be closing up shop before they ever really got going is probably a good indicator that even if they play out the 2015/16 indoor schedule, as planned, that there's little chance that they're ever going to put a team on the field outdoors.