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Top of the table up for grabs following Ottawa Fury draw

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the New York Cosmos have the opportunity to return to the top of the North American Soccer League combined table, due to the results of two matches played on Saturday evening. Ottawa Fury FC was held to a draw while Minnesota United managed a 2-1 victory, meaning that he two sides are currently level on points, with 49 apiece.

The Cosmos sit just two points behind both Ottawa and Minnesota, having played the same number of matches. A win on Sunday would put them at 50 points, however, above both of the other sides who have clinched a post-season birth until the next round of matches is played.

The Ottawa draw also brings the tiebreaker back into play, as there's now a very real possibility of a two or  three-way tie atop the standings when the regular season is over. A comfortable victory or two in the final three matches would give the Cosmos a legitimate shot of controlling an even points scenario, so it's time for the boys to start being a bit more clinical in front of goal.

First things first, however, let's have a good match on Sunday, and get back to the top of the table.