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Cosmos out of Amazon Cup, with preseason details emerging

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Cosmos looked set to participate in the Amazon Cup in January, but Empire of Soccer is reporting that the club have altered course, and will not be participating after all. Instead, Dave Martinez is reporting that the club will be heading to Asia in early February, before returning to the west to face clubs from South America and Central America.

The details of the Cosmos preseason sound as if they'll be released relatively soon, and hopefully, this season fans in the United States will have streaming access to those contests. One of the more disappointing things about last season's trip to the Middle East was the lack of video available for folks back home, who had no way to see the club play against overseas competition as they prepared for the 2014 campaign.

Regardless of whether or not fans at home will have access to the games, it will be interesting to see what sort of clubs the Cosmos end up playing abroad. I'd imagine the club's name still has considerable drawing power with foreign fans, many of whom are more likely to recognize the Cosmos logo than they are a MLS side lie the Columbus Crew.