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Savarese confirms there has been no contact between Steven Gerrard and the Cosmos

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

Steven Gerrard looks set to join the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS when his current contract at Liverpool expires, despite rumors linking him to the New York Cosmos for the past several months. When asked by the English media about the club's interest in Gerrard, head coach Gio Savarese confirmed that he's the type of player the club would love to add, while stressing that there has been no contact with Gerrard specifically:

"If Steven Gerrard is interested in playing for the New York Cosmos, then we would definitely be interested in a player of his caliber."

"I have to stress that we have not held discussions or negotiations with Steven, but he is a winner, the type of player who gives everything and chases every ball and you never know what can happen."

"The signing of Raul was a crucial step for us as a club, and he is somebody who will help New York Cosmos at every level, from youth development through to the first team."

"But we are not going to stop with Raul and we will continue to try to add to the players we have here."

All of this seems to fit with what we've assumed all along, that Gerrard was never a specific target of the club, even if he's the sort of name that would continue to raise the Cosmos' profile internationally. It would certainly have been fun to add the Liverpool man though, given how he and "NYCFC player" Frank Lampard have been linked throughout their careers.