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Cosmos to bring back Gio Savarese, rest of staff for 2015, according to reports

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

It's hard to characterize the work of Gio Savarese and the New York Cosmos coaching staff as anything but successful following the 2013 and 2014 campaigns, even if 2014 ended with a semifinal exit which saw their NASL title move to San Antonio. That body of work led to interest from the Houston Dynamo (among others), but Big Apple Soccer are reporting that Savarese and his entire staff will be back in New York next season.

If accurate, this is excellent news for the club in 2015. Gio has had the club playing an attractive style of football, and while some issues in the final third have led to a smaller than hoped for goal return, it's easy enough to believe that problem will be solved with the addition of Raul Gonzalez. The club has been rock solid defensively during Gio's tenure, and hopefully that will improve in 2015 with better health across the board.

Big Apple Soccer is also reporting that the contract will be for multiple years, though the exact length of the deal isn't known. I'd expect an announcement from the club in short order, confirming the extensions.