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Samuel Eto'o won't be coming to New York, joins Sampdoria on free transfer

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

While Gio Savarese had confirmed that there was some mutual interest in Samuel Eto'o joining the New York Cosmos, on Tuesday, we can officially cross the Cameroonian off of our winter shopping list (at least, for now). Eto'o has joined Sampdoria on a free transfer, signing a three and a half year deal with the Serie A side:

Pairing Eto'o with Raul Gonzalez up top would have given the Cosmos an attack that every team in North America would be envious of, but if Savarese wants to give Raul a top class sidekick before the season kicks off, it appears as if he'll have to keep looking.

It will be interesting to see where the Cosmos turn their attention to at this point of the winter, as the club has done a nice job of building additional depth in the midfield, and sounds like they've at least begun to shore up the defense.