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Cosmos coach Gio Savarese expects a Samuel Eto'o decision in the coming days

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Cosmos coach Gio Savarese spoke with SBI on Friday, with Samuel Eto'o and the 2015 roster being the subject of most of the discussion. With news coming out of England last week about the club's interest in Samuel Eto'o, the status of those negotiations was a natural question to ask. Here's what Gio had to say about the legendary forward:

"With Samuel, there was some kind of interest from the player and we investigated the situation. The reality is that, at the moment, he’s still a player from Everton and we don’t know how that is going to end up. Probably in the next two or three days, we’ll know what is going to happen there."

Eto'o is widely rumored to prefer a return to Serie A, with Sampdoria being the most likely destination. Everton haven't yet been able to work out a deal to make that happen though, and don't sound as if they're in a huge rush to send the Cameroonian outof town if they don't get a deal they like. Still, it's nice to hear Savarese confirm that there is interest from the player, even if it sounds as if the Cosmos might not be his first choice.

It's not Eto'o or bust, however, as Savarese reiterated that the club is looking elsewhere for further additions to the roster:

"We’re still looking. We’re still looking to try and bring in two more players from overseas. We’re still looking at what’s going on with the rosters in MLS. We’re still looking everywhere. We’re still looking all around. We’re scouting and looking everywhere to see what’s available."

"We’re a few players away, just a few, from finalizing the roster, but definitely we’ll make a few more signings, hopefully, before the preseason."

Hopefully those last few additions will be made soon, and the club can begin preparing for the 2015 season with a full strength squad.